We plan to invest most of our profits in conservation worldwide and people and charities needing help.

The travel and leisure industry in the UK is massive, making billions of pounds every year.

If we could grab a tiny percentage of this market, we could fund some large projects and give to conservation causes and charities.

Good causes could also include projects saving the black rhino or providing African villages with clean drinking water.

Happy African child with the joy of clean drinking water!

There are so many good causes to choose from, and we would like the public in the UK to decide where the money is going and select the projects and charities that are most worthy of being considered for funding.

We can only achieve our goals with your help and currently give 25%. The more money we make, the higher the percentage we offer to conservation and other charitable causes.

It is not rocket science, and our services could save you money!

Why should all the profits go to fat cat shareholders who have too much money anyway to buy their next super yacht or private jet? Or buy a painting by some old artist for 100 million plus? While others in the world starve?

We would like you to join the debate with ideas for projects and charities we could help. If you have any ideas, please let us know by putting them below. We are looking forward to hearing from you!