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We are looking to buy at least a 500-acre farm. We will turn it into a farm nature reserve for the Welsh people.

The reserve will have plants attracting wildlife and nature trails.

There will be no livestock but fruit trees and vines in its place.

This place will be a paradise for our bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects because we will plant all the right kinds of plants these insects love.

We are not only fruit trees. We will plant all kinds of trees and plants native to our green and pleasant land.

It will be where you can park your car, walk your dog, and return to nature.

Tree Nursery

We also plan to have a tree nursery for tree planting all over Wales. The nursery will have a host of different species. That is indigenous to the UK countryside.

Bee Keeping

Beekeeping will be one of the things we will be doing on the reserve. The honey will be sold in our shop and nationwide. It also helps pollinate all the plants and fruit trees on the reserve.

Electricity and Water

This is the first of our priorities to help raise money for the project’s expansion after purchasing the farm. The reserve will also be self-served to supply its electricity and water.

Wells will be dug, and a solar farm and wind turbines will blend into the background, unlike some of the monstrosities we see around the UK. The overflow of electricity will be sold to the national grid.

The farm produce will be organic, only using natural fertilisers and chemical-free alternatives; the location of the farm reserve has yet to be set. Any suggestions would be welcome. Please put any suggestions in the comments box on the article and any other comments.

The Farm Reserve Shop

This shop will showcase quality Welsh produce from all over Wales. This will help Welsh farmers and give them a fair price for their produce, unlike some supermarket chains, which dictate how much they will pay for their produce. Money from the farm will help other projects like this in Wales and some other charities that desperately need help. The fruit and other products we sell will be sold all over the UK, helping promote Welsh produce nationally.

 Vineyard & Brewery

Fancy a tipple? We are planning to have our vineyard and brewery on site. The wine, beer and cider will be sold alongside other Welsh wines and spirits in the shop and elsewhere.

Organic Welsh Restaurant

The restaurant will serve good country Welsh food from all over Wales and a selection of the finest wines from Wales and worldwide!

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Our Values

We are not built on personal gain. After the Welsh project is complete, we will manage the farm on behalf of the Welsh people. The money raised from the farm will go into other conservation projects and charities in Wales.

Being a large project, this will provide temporary and permanent jobs for the Welsh people.

How Will We Raise The Money For the Project?

Most of the money is raised from commissions selling travel-related products and services, tee shirts, and other merchandise in our online shop. 25% of our commissions will go to the project and up to 99%, depending on how much money we make. The more we sell monthly, the higher the percentage will go to the project.

By becoming a member of Henry’s Holidays, you can also contribute to the project, and it costs less than your average coffee a week to do this. As a member, you will get exclusive access to all the best footage of the project as it progresses and all the best travel deals hand-picked by our experts. As a member, you will also get access to the project with guided tours occasionally, amongst other benefits.

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We are not taking memberships at the moment. Our current programmer is working on the software on our website. So join our group now, and we will keep you updated. CLICK HERE to join our FaceBook group.

Company Sponsorship 

If you are a Welsh company, we would be more than happy to discuss any sponsorship arrangement.

Your company could obtain excellent benefits such as a high-quality advertising package. And a very high profile and other benefits! This might include getting the contract for the building work and other project requirements!

If you are interested in becoming one of our sponsors, Please get in touch with Mr David Oakes, project manager and company owner, at this email address: davidoakes@henrysholidays.global


If you would like to volunteer some of your time to the project, please get in touch at the email address volunteer@henrysholidays.global

Job Vacancies

We are looking for the following applicants.

Channel News Reporter

This role is for our YouTube channel for holidays and news videos about the project.  The candidate should be of Welsh origin, fun, engaging in front of the camera, and good at learning scrips. It does not matter if you don’t have a media background, but the right candidate must be easygoing and someone the Welsh public would warm to.

Article Writer

For our blog posts, travel articles, script writing, and project news updates.

The person we are looking for must have a real passion for writing engaging and existing articles that people want to read and have a degree in English literature.

Website Computer Programer

This role involves handling the website content and weekly travel deals page updates.  Must have all the relevant qualifications in WordPress.

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Becoming a member of Henry’s Holidays would be in your best interest because members get to know all the best inside information about who is getting short-listed for the job vacancies and hints and tips on improving your application—exclusive news updates about the project.

We are only taking a limited number of applications if you are interested. Please join our Facebook group because we are not currently accepting membership or non-member applications.

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(PLEASE NOTE) None of our affiliated partner companies are associated with this project or sponsor it in any way.

The Henrys Holidays brand is the primary sponsor for the project. We are not a registered charity or affiliated with any.

If, for some strange reason, the project does not go ahead, the money raised will go to various conservation charities in Wales, UK.  The project campaign starts on the 1st of February, 2024, and ends on the 31st of January, 2028.