Let your fantasy for spending quality time in architectural masterpieces – castles, fortresses or palaces – come alive in Wales. This beautiful part of the world is also known as the Land of Castles. If you plan a trip to the UK, don’t forget to visit some of the finest European castles. Here are our Top 10 must-sees:

1) Caernarfon Castle, Gwynedd, north-west Wales

This Edwardian-style castle is located on the bank of river Seiont, in the town of Caernarfon. Designed by architect James of Saint George, this architectural masterpiece has a series of towers, invincible walls, and gates built along the castle’s inner walls. King Edward’s son was born and dubbed the Prince of Wales here. This is the second most popular castle catering to more than 200,000 visitors every year.

2) Beaumaris Castle

This castle is located on the island of Anglesey. Built by Edward I, it is the perfect example of a technically concentric-designed castle. This is one of the World Heritage sites among the other three. Visit the castle around its Annual Medieval Festival to see displays of jousting, court jesters, and traditional music.

3) Pembroke Castle

Famous worldwide as the birthplace of Tudor dynasty founder and only British Welsh King Henry VII, this castle is gigantic, oval in shape, and surrounded by a large millpond. It is ideally located on a vast cavern and the perfect destination for an evening stroll.

4) Conwy Castle

Edward I built this castle which is located on the north coast of Wales. It is one of the finest examples of medieval fortresses in Europe featuring two barbicans, eight huge towers, and the high curtain wall. With its stunning spiral staircase that takes you to the apex, it is not hard to imagine why it is the most visited castle in Wales.

5) Caerphilly Castle

The largest castle in South Wales and the second largest in Britain, it is one of the greatest medieval castles of Western Europe. It spans approximately 30 acres and has a unique design. Note the castle is leaning by 10 degrees off its vertical axis on the Southeastern side.

6) Powis Castle

One of the most unique amongst the medieval collection in Wales, this castle has Red stone exterior. It was renovated with a bedroom and terrace garden to make it unique in the 17th century. It houses a magnificent art collection, exclusive interiors, and artifacts from India. Here, the Baroque garden is one of the finest in the UK, with picturesque landscapes and age-old yew trees welcoming visitors.

7) Roch Castle

Most welcoming for history lovers, this 12th century Norman castle is now more of a luxury hotel with six rooms. It displays a unique and dramatic appearance and is skillfully carved from a rock formation. Click Here for more information on this fabulous hotel.   Click Here for more information on this fabulous hotel.  

8) Harlech Castle

Located amid a mesmerizing landscape, this castle in the Northwest of the UK has been made out of sandstone. Constructed by King Edward I, this is an architectural masterpiece where cliffs act as a natural barrier against attacks and dry moats cut into the rock.

9) Chirk Castle

Built during the reign of King Edward I, the castle is located in the North of the country. This is the only castle still inhabited from the days of Edward I. Spread across 5 acres, the beautiful garden outside the castle has spectacular roses and exquisite lawns.

10) Raglan Castle

Raglan castle is located in southeast Wales. It is made from sandstone and was renovated in the 16th century by adding a new hammer-beam roof. Best known for its polygon structure in the Welsh castle landscape, it has square or round constructions.
Wales has over 400 castles, although it’s the smallest part of the UK. Come and explore the Welsh history and breathtaking landscapes around these castles!