Guide to Holidays in Spain

Spain has not been a true world power since it was defeated in the famous naval battle against England in 1588; it is still an incredibly beautiful country and one that is rich in history as well as in culture. It is also not a poor or uncivilized culture, being the ninth largest country in the world in terms of the economy, and has the fifth largest economy in the European Union.

Hotel Skyline at the Mediterranean Sea in Benidorm, Spain.

So what do you like to do?

If you like sports, then a holiday in Spain is a perfect choice, whether you want to play golf or watch a football game or plenty of other fun sporting activities. Go on a hike, go scuba diving in the Mediterranean sea, take a trip to the Canary Islands, which are a Spanish territory, or stay in Spain and enjoy warm, sunny beaches right outside your hotel.


If you prefer history, then Spain has a lot to offer, from ancient castles to World Heritage Cities, of which Spain has the most of any single country in the world. Go exploring historic buildings and learn all about the history of this country which came within a hair’s breadth of controlling most of Europe through taking England.

Adventure & Night Life

If adventure and nightlife are more your style, then Spain has plenty to offer you, as well, especially since the famous Spanish siestas are made for extra energy for late nights. For families, though, Spain also takes great pains to make their country a perfect holiday destination.

Porto Colom bay in the Balearic Islands Spain.

Family & Kids

You and your family will love Spain, which is full of all kinds of fascinating treasures from interesting and fun museums to zoos and even safaris. There are nature trails to be walked, natural preserves to be explored, and aquariums to visit where you can even watch the dolphins at play for hours on end.

If your family is into wild rides, there are theme parks all over Spain that offer the family setting that you want and rides enough to satisfy almost any adrenaline junky (at least young adrenaline junkies). These parks are fun and exciting, and have a lot to offer families, including the wild fun that you want in a relatively safe space.

Spain is a beautiful and incredible country with a little of something to offer just about anyone and from the warm climate and beautiful landscapes to the gorgeous palaces and historical buildings and castles. This is a country that is very easy to fall in love with.

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