Would you like to sail around the world and raise money for charity?

You will probably never get a chance in your lifetime to do this?

Lots of people dream about sailing around the world but would you like to make it a reality?

Henry’s Holidays is offering you a trip of a lifetime! There are only 8 places available no board a vintage 17-19 meter sailing yacht. PLEASE NOTE you will get paid on the trip. The trip is planned for a two-year duration or could be longer?

The Yacht will have 10-12 births and be of a reasonable size. Space is a major factor when choosing the yacht!

Sail Around The World

The holiday industry is massive, worth billions every year even in these tough times! If we can get just a small part we will be able to donate to lots of charities that desperately need funds like charities related to the conservation of wildlife, caner research and lots of others!

Cameras will be fitted around the Yacht and linked to satellites so we can have live video feeds to the website. Then we will set up pages so we can earn from paid subscriptions! Which we will update on a daily and weekly basis with videos and articles about the countries destinations around the world we are visiting!

We could be traveling to remote destinations like the Galapagos Islands, The Cook Islands, Madagascar, The Maldives and so many more breathtaking destinations around the world.

The route around the world will be planned by all the crew members.

Every crew member will have a role to play on board you will have to qualify for each position. The Captain’s position will be given to someone with extensive knowledge of sailing over long-distances, they must have exceptional navigation skills and the ability to keep the crew calm in more challenging weather.

Captain & First Officer

The second position is the first officer they will help the captain with navigation and sailing of the boat and also must be an experienced sailor.

The boat will also need a cameraman or camerawoman they must have experience in Filmmaking and Photography and they must have their own equipment if possible?

Camera Man

The yacht will also need a chef to cook and budget for meals and is responsible for picking up food and drink and other supplies for the crew. They must also log all recipes used onboard to make a recipe book. The recipes must be related to the destinations we are visiting around the world and there’s nothing like a freshly caught Tuna Steak! They must

Tuna Fishing

We will also need a diver with all the equipment and underwater cameras. They will also be responsible for the cleaning of the outside of the boat on both sides and under the waterline, also checking for damage from time to time and helping sail the yacht.

Diver Exploring Coral Reefs

We will also need for the expedition an experienced article writer that writes the articles about what is happening on the yacht on a weekly and daily basis also articles about the various destinations we will be visiting around the world and also a book about the expedition.

Travel Articles

A medical officer will also be needed this is someone with a medical background doctor maybe? They will be in charge of all medical provisions onboard also administer first aid. They must also have sailing experience because they will have to pitch in with the sailing of the yacht to.

Doctor At Work

The expedition is not a race around the world there will be plenty of time onshore to explore the places and time to have a little fun and camping trips and enjoy wonderful and fascinating destinations we will be visiting!

If you are interested in coming onboard them please send us an email telling us what you can bring to the expedition? Speaking languages is one and what position on the boat you would like and as many details about your qualifications as possible, photos of yourself your age state of health also your work CV

Do you have food allergies?

Special meal requierments?

PLEASE NOTE not every applicant will be offered a position on the boat it is limited to 8 crew members only.

So get your application in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Please don’t be the person that regrets not applying for a position on the yacht after it has sailed.

Email your application to Henry’s Holidays UK office at contactus@henrysholidays.co.uk