Paris, France: the City of Love France 

The first impression of France that comes to your mind is – the city of love. Paris is counted as one of the most beautiful and amazing places where couples can create unforgettable memories together. Visiting Paris especially with your special girl or partner possesses a romantic atmosphere where you both of you can capture magical moments of your lifetime and maybe a kiss beneath the Eiffel Tower?.

France gives you first-hand experience of what people meant by saying “love in the air”.

Here, we will be giving you some ideas about where to explore all romantic places with your love in France for creating the vibes of a romantic vacation.

Nice France

1. Nice – It is one of the most beautiful and magnificent located tourist ports in France where you can enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner with a great touch of luxury. The amazing largest resort of the Côte d’Azur around the Mediterranean Sea gives its tourists a view of historical centers and a perfect swimming experience. Port originally known as Nike, originally named after Greek word ‘victory’. During the Italian period it was called Nizza, but After French’s rule, it was called Nice.

Statue Palais Longchamp Museum Marseille

2. Marseille – The famous novel ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’, in which the author left his hero imprisoned in the Chateau d’If, is one of the rocky islands near the old port of Marseille. Today it is one the largest port in the entire Mediterranean where couples can have the most beautiful and amazing evening by paying a visit to Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde, the Parc National des Calanques and other places.

Toulouse Tolosa

3. Toulouse – This city is called Ville Rose or Pink City which is situated in southwest France. It is counted as one of the ideal cities for tourists to visit because it is closed to the sea, mountains as well as surrounded by a luxury hotel with amazing sunset views for making your vacation full of bliss and magic. It is the fourth-largest metropolitan city in France and the capital of the French department of Haute-Garonne and the region of Occitanie. The city is 150 kilometers away from the Mediterranean Sea, 230 km from the Atlantic Ocean, and 680 km from Paris. This city is the heart of France, giving you a metropolitan feel with a hint of typical brick houses.

Domain Lourdes French Church

4. Lourdes – This part of the city is known as a place of pilgrimage and Roman Catholics. It is a popular Christian pilgrimage site and gives the shows the gateway to the valleys of Ariens, Cauterets, Ossau, and Gavarnie. Rosary Basilica is a landmark and the historical beauty of Lourdes, making it the 2nd most popular travel destination in France.

French Champagne

One thing to remember about France is the French are master winemakers and there’s nothing like a glass of champagne to put you in a romantic mood!

Whether you are visiting France for celebrating your anniversary or in a honeymoon mood you can never go wrong with choosing France.

France comes with the hashtag of fantastic romantic destinations!