Hi, My name is David Oakes and when I write a review I like to be as honest as I can be, I recently visited Exmoor zoo and I found the park very well laid out. All the signage is positioned in the right places with detailed information on all the animal exhibits. The park has a lovely children’s play area in the middle with a mini indoor arena that some of the talks take place in. I did get to handle some of the snakes and found the young man doing the talk to be highly professional giving everyone the chance to hold the snakes. He was very knowledgeable of his chosen animal subject and some of the other talks are Otter and Friends feed and talk, Meerkat feed and talk. One not to missed is the Cheetah feed and talk. The gentleman doing this talk was really very good. Other talks are Exmoor Beast and feed talk  also Pelican feed and talk and lots more activities. There  is something for everyone that will keep you entertained all day! 

I did have a good conversation with the girl that looks after the Gibbons, she was very helpful and like some of the other staff I met was very informative, she did help me with some very useful information. The parks map was one of the best I came across with all the animal enclosures clearly marked and all relevant information at hand including animal talk times and locations.

Animals at Exmoor Zoo

Exmoor Zoo compared to other zoos i have visited has quite a large selection of animal exhibits. I will name just a few, Singing dogs no not the dogs you see on Britons Got Talent! Some of the others are Bat eared Fox, Puma, Porcupines, Wallabies, River Hogs, Sand Cats & Tayra and lets not forget The Beast of Exmoor! For a full list of animal experiences please CLICK HERE to visit the website. Exmoor zoo is also involved in some wildlife breeding programs, this consists of some the world’s rarest birds and animals. Zoos play a vital part in world wildlife conservation.

Facilities At Exmoor Zoo

The facilities at the zoo are very good with gift shop and cafe next to the main car park. The park also has an overflow car park for when it gets busy. I have said before good children’s play area and indoor mini arena also picnic area. The park has hand wash facilities in some key locations and some nice touches like the Cheetah observation tower a very good place to get some good photos. The park has some other good observation platforms, the one by the wildlife pond is very good too. I did like the nature trail at the far end of the park also.


The park was taken over by Danny and Lynn Reynolds and family in 1993. It has not been all good over the years. After only being in the park for a few months they had a number of animals and birds stolen. Over the years the family has improved facilities and added various new animal exhibits and made the park the success story it is today!  


Taking everything into account I found the park probably one the best wildlife parks I have ever been to so far. I would like to go back at a later date because the weather was not its best and I would like to learn more about the animals in the breeding program. So I will contact the zoo in advance to get all the relevant information for my next visit. The zoo has also won top awards over the years and I can certainly see why!

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For directions of how to get to Exmoor Zoo please see map below: