Cyprus Holidays The One You Will Not Forget

Cyprus holidays could turn out to be your perfect holiday destination for more reasons than you can shake a stick at. How about over 320 days of glorious sunshine every year and warm, clear blue Mediterranean waters. If that’s not enough to tempt you there is a rich historic culture and lots of places of interest to visit so maybe you should take a fresh look at Cyprus holidays.

Monastery of Agia Napa

With so many exotic locations around the world to take their holidays why do so many choose Cyprus holidays? For the thousands of couples and families that return there year on year the answer is simple. Cyprus really does feel like home from home because it offers everything anyone could ever want from a holiday including a glorious Mediterranean climate whilst also being so British. The Cypriots speak excellent English and it’s even taught as a second language in the schools as early as primary level. The signs, including road signs are in English as well as Greek and they drive on the left too. Until you have visited this beautiful Island paradise you will have to take my word for it that the Cypriots are probably the friendliest people you will ever meet.

This quintessential Englishness is the result of the British occupation of Cyprus up until the early 60’s after which time the island gained its own sovereignty whilst retaining the British legal system along with a modern infrastructure and many other strong western European influences. When you take your holidays in Cyprus though you will also be struck by the country’s own unique culture which has flourished despite all those years of British rule. On the whole Cyprus has most of her roots in a strong Greek culture and the majority of Cypriots are in fact Greek by descent. This mix of cultural influences is undoubtedly the key to the uniqueness of Cyprus and the Cypriot people has a whole.

Temple columns. Paphos, Cyprus. Kato Paphos Archaeological Park.

With some of the most glorious weather in the whole of the Mediterranean, Cyprus holidays are sure to satisfy the most ardent of sun worshipers. They will find more than enough sandy beaches and secluded bays at which to indulge their tanning rituals to their hearts content. The Mediterranean Ocean is warm from May to October making it perfect for bathing or water sports of all kinds and there is no shortage of facilities of all the resorts. ParacendingArticle Search, windsurfing and powerboat hire are just a few of the great pastimes you could try during your Cyprus holidays. Then again, maybe you prefer to get out and about to see what this beautiful Island has to offer in terms of culture and history.

Culture vultures will love Cyprus holidays not least for her rich cultural history that stretches back thousands of years. Not all the visitors to this beautiful Island paradise have come in search of the best sunbathing spots or to take a dip in her clear blue waters. Over the centuries, many invaders have claimed Cyprus for themselves and tried to force their customs and cultures onto her people. If you love history and places of historical interest why not use part of your Cyprus, holidays to see more of the Island by booking on some of the many organized tours. In fact, if you want to reach some of the more remote areas that are inaccessible by coach there are several jeep safaris that operate from most of the major holiday resorts too.

However you choose to spend your Cyprus holidays there is a good chance that once you have visited this beautiful Island she will lure you back to her sunny shores time and again. In fact, many people have so fallen in love with her (us included) that they have purchased apartments or villas in Cyprus to share with their families and friends. Perhaps once you have discovered the joys of Cyprus for yourself, you will begin to understand why they want to own a home on the Island. A Cyprus holiday home will give them and their families years of carefree holidays in the sun and makes a great investment for the future too. Maybe we will see you on the Island sometime soon enjoying your own Cyprus holidays.

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