The Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre is not the largest aircraft museum in the UK, but it has a range of excellent exhibits and the staff are very informative lots of them are volunteers. I would highly recommend the cockpit controls demonstration of the Vickers VC-10K3 aircraft the gentleman doing the demonstration was very knowledgeable of all the instruments and the workings of the  aircraft being an ex Vickers VC10K3 pilot and the tour of the aircraft was very good too with the lady doing the demo knowing all the details of the fueling systems and other aspects of the aircraft. The Centre also has a gift shop selling aircraft memorabilia and models and there is also a cafe next to the shop.  The Centre has a range events throughout the summer you can also book a taster flight through the center.

Would I go back?

Yes, I would go back, I very impressed with the staff and I like the fact you can sit in the aircraft which gives you the feel of what it would be like to be a pilot and also get a photo for the scrapbook lots of museums only let you look and not touch and tell you off if you get too close to the exhibits usually by someone with no manners or tact but the staff at the center are brilliant and have a real enthusiasm for what they are doing. I have highlighted what I think are the best attractions at the center.               

Hawker GA11 Hunter

Hawker GA11 Hunter

The Hawker Hunter has been in service since 1956 and is still in operation today in some countries this multi use aircraft, is used as a fighter bomber and ground attack aircraft, it also is a testament to how good the original design was being in service so long will it ever end?

Hawker Siddeley Harrier Jet GR3

Hawker Siddeley Harrier Jet GR3

The Harrier is one of the worlds most iconic military aircraft and the royal navy version of the aircraft  was a major player in the Falklands war capable of vertical take off and landing it is truly ground breaking aircraft and pointing the thrusters slightly forward made the enemy aircraft fly past, giving the Harrier an advantage in air combat, not one Harrier was shot down in air to air combat during the Falklands war it is a truly amazing aircraft this is British engineering and design at its very best. I was told there is still some in operation today around the world and don’t forget to get your photo taken in the cockpit of this iconic aircraft for free.

Vickers VC-10K3     

Vickers VC -10 Cockpit
Vickers VC-10 refuelling system in operation

The Vickers VC 10 was a passenger airliner and was converted to refuel station for fighter jets, including the Harrier it was also converted to a troop carrier they don’t make them like this anymore. Some of the other aircraft exhibited are listed below.

English Electric Canberra

de Havilland Sea, Devon XK895/G-SDEV

British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) 1-11 

Vickers Varsity WJ945

Plus some home made aircraft and models are on display at the center like this lovely little biplane below

A Home Built Aircraft

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