We are a leading hotel & travel price comparison site. We use advanced search technology to find the best prices from hundreds of travel suppliers. You can find the best rates on hotel rooms, flights and rental cars and so much more. We are also planning to put most of our profits back into environmentally friendly projects worldwide that take greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. We are also planning to give to charities around the world related to the conservation of our forests and endangered wildlife. We can do this once a certain level of profits has been reached.

Our first project is going to be the buzzy bee project please see the video below for more information! We will also be investing in machines that take the CO2 out of the air and use some of it to grow vegetables. This actually is a Swiss concept. We put the CO2 in the atmosphere it is only right we take it out. Please Click Here to learn more about this technology.

The forests are being cut down around the world at a biblical level and mostly never be replanted. So help is needed to balance the climate globally.

Yes, we know at Henry’s Holidays that flights are not very environmentally friendly but people are going to fly regardless of the effect on the atmosphere.

We have a FaceBook group about travel and environmental problems around the world.

You can all post your ideas and opinions Click Here for more info and to join the group.