Who are Henry’s Holidays?
What do we do or stand for?
What is our mission?
What puts us apart from other travel sites? And more importantly, why should you care to be associated with us?

Our leading objective is to provide an honest, easy-to-use comparison website where our users can find what they are looking for in a timely manner. Using advanced search engine technology, of course!

Let’s face it, as individuals, we all have our goals in life, each of which is time-consuming within our everyday busy lives. That is until we get to our holiday destination, where we want those experiences of slower enjoyable times to be in the moment, where we can reflect and create great memories.

And all our best plans should lead us to these moments, and more, with added benefits, a little extra here and there, some points on a loyalty card, a free gift, and so on.

We should feel good about ourselves and our purchases, and you should indeed get the best travel deals with great discounts; it is your hard-earned money after all. More importantly, it is your time off. Your time to enjoy life and kickback.

When we return from our well-earned break, we are still in comparison mode, where we share our stories with others and recount our experiences.
Bringing us to our second, but not in any way lesser aim, giving back, together.

Henry’s Holidays and its members are all about giving back. Once our operational cost is made, we funnel our profits back into worthy environmentally friendly projects worldwide. We like the planet just as nature intended and want to preserve its natural forest habitats for all endangered wildlife. The world and its conservation are the one most important thing outside of our wellbeing.

As well as using the company profits for good use, we organize fundraising projects to further channel funds into our charity funnel, the first of which is around the world sailing trip. To help take part in this, we are currently looking for Henry’s Holidays members to fill the following crew requirements:

A ship’s captain and first officer, chef, deckhands, camera person,  filmmaker, experienced blogger/writer (the ship’s log doesn’t write itself), and a diver

Applications are now being screened, but please still send in your own request.

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