The Isle of Skye


Located in the Scottish Highlands, Skye has earned itself an enviable reputation among people who have experienced its beauty. It is a destination that once found will become a favorite escape for many.

Have you ever seen a place where you can experience four seasons in one hour? Likely you have not, because the Isle of Skye is one of the few places in the world where it’s possible.

The region is an easy and scenic drive from Edinburgh. Though it is a six-hour drive, it is a trip that is worth making just due to the scenery you will be passing through. There are numerous popular Scottish landmarks on the way to Skye, and you’ll not wish to miss a single one, everyone so unique and exquisite in its own way. On you may approach Glencoe, an awe-inspiring valley surrounded by majestic mountains and waterfalls but don’t stay too long you might get followed home by spirits from an ancient Clan massacre.

As you drive across the beautiful countryside, you will hardly be able to resist stopping off to admire the view or take a photo of some breathtaking scenery. You will pass many tourists that have pulled over to take in the magnificent scenery.

Skye Coral Beach

Skye itself is a wind-swept area that has few trees and looks filled with mystery and ancient history. If you visit in June, you’ll be delighted to experience the famous Skye Pipe Band Festival. This country will teach you love for the sound of the bagpipe-like you never heard before.

Sky Landscape Scotland

There’s a museum on the North edge of Skye. This is an outdoor establishment that gives you a glimpse of ancient Scotland and its beginnings. There are quaint little shops, restaurants, and pubs, and friendly small bed and breakfasts that encourage you to stay longer.

You can take a hike throughout the town and escape to misty hollows and valley’s where flowers and wildlife are plentiful. Whether you will need an escape or are merely interested in this island, you won’t be disappointed with its magic.

Where To Stay In The Isle Of Skye

Along with some hotels, there are also B& B’s, self-catering cottages, hostels, camp, and caravan sites. Below we have a look at some accommodation that is available on the island and what each has to offer.

There are some hotels and B& B’s on the Isle of Skye which only offer breakfast. But it’s always better to check what is available in each establishment before you book.

Renting a holiday cottage could be one more cost-effective way of staying on the Isle of Skye. This is especially good if you intend to spend a week or more there. These are perfect as they offer you the freedom to do as you please when you want, and it is up to you once you get up and when you go to bed. It is always better to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

As with all the Sorts of accommodation that we have mentioned where to stay in Isle of Skye There’s a good choice of good quality accommodation to choose from. But where you stay will depend on how much you are willing to spend on It and when you are looking to pay a visit to this beautiful Island.

No visit to Skye would be the same without taking home a wee dram of the local malt whiskey. The Talisker distillery is the Islands’ oldest working distillery and is well worth a visit during your stay.