Here, you can check the most common items that people usually forget but are essentially important while going on holiday! 

1) Passport
Passport is the very first thing you should grab while packing for a trip and make sure it is at least six months in date an out of date passport will not get you anywhere.

2. Airline tickets and hotel booking confirmation also hotel transfer information and any country entry visas some destination around the world require one so make sure you have all the paperwork in date and correct.      

3. Check to see if you can get free medical cover to your chosen destination you might have to fill in a form but it gives you that extra peace of mind and do you need any injections before you go and bring any medication with you unopened in a see threw sealed plastic bag with labels confirming what the medicine is.

4. Travel Insurance
Accidents can happen no matter where you are or getting sick on holiday so having a quality travel insurance provider is essential or things going wrong with flights and other associated holiday hickups. 

5. Suitable clothing for your chosen destination going skying in a tee shirt and shorts might be a little chilly or hiking Everest in a lime green mankini is not suitable attire for that destination so please go properly equipped the right clothing and footwear and do a little research on your chosen destination.

6. A mobile phone and charger also a plug adaptor for destinations using two-pin plugs are a good idea it is always good to stay in touch that is if problems arise.     

7. A good quality suitcase that has a secure lock there are all sorts of scams and tacking on extra items that you don’t know about can be very dangerous you can also lose valuable items not everyone is honest?

8. If your mobile phone does not have a good camera bring one memories are priceless. 

9. Nappies and other baby-related changing accessories a wet and soggy baby is an unhappy baby.

10. Never try and bring liquids aerosols in your baggage or on the plane except medication as mentioned above. 

Having a good sense of humor on holiday because holidays are about having fun and sitting in your hotel room with a face like a slapped bottom making others feel bad moaning about everything is not good. So enjoy yourself!